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Students take a trip to the 50s for Air Guitar (2 videos, 58 photos) – The Foothill Dragon Press

Poodle skirts and leather jackets were abound at school today as students traveled back in time to the 1950s for a “Grease” themed Air Guitar. Students rushed from their sixth period classes today at noon to settle down on their blankets and towels in the quad to watch Foothill’s annual end-of-the-year talent show. Students were given 20 minutes to cruise through the food fair before the show began. Different clubs on campus were selling food from Taco Bell, In-N-Out Burger, Dickey’s Barbecue P

“Tinker Tour USA” encourages students to stand up for First Amendment rights (12 photos, video) – The Foothill Dragon Press

BOSTON – With the ability to generate a movement quicker than ever, students across America are constantly seeking out ways to speak out and make a change, but many don’t know their rights that come from the First Amendment. Free speech activist Mary Beth Tinker brought her “Tinker Tour USA” bus to the Journalism Education Association (JEA) and National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) convention in Boston this weekend to talk to students about her experience with standing up for her rights

Foothill students doing better than demographics predict, new West Ed study shows – The Foothill Dragon Press

The California Healthy Kids Survey asks students to anonymously answer questions about safety, substance use, bullying and violence at school, and their interactions with teachers. “A school ends up getting a single score,” Voight said. “That gives us an indication as to how positive or negative the climate in that school is, and so that’s what we use to compare with our success measure.”Many students speak positively about the climate at Foothill. Freshman Austin Pecoraro, who previously went

Students dance the night away Old Hollywood style at Winter Formal (66 photos) – The Foothill Dragon Press

The Majestic Ventura Theater was filled with loud music, colorful lights, and over 400 people Saturday night, but it wasn’t because of a Snoop Dogg concert. December 8 was Foothill’s annual Winter Formal, and the theme was Old Hollywood. “We heard it was the coolest, hottest place in Ventura… I’m blown away by the turnout,” sophomore ASB president Carlos Cohen said. While every other year Winter Formal has only been open to Foothill students and their dates, this year any student in the distri

Olivia Dela Cruz believes election will impact gay rights, gay marriage – The Foothill Dragon Press

When she’s not “obsessively researching Korean popstars” or updating her blog, Foothill Technology High School junior Olivia Dela Cruz is volunteering for the “Rainbow Umbrella,” a youth group put on by Color, the local organization for issues concerning the LGBTQIA (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual) community. The 16-year-old Ventura resident feels this presidential election will very much impact the organization that she volunteers for as well as gay rig

Congressional candidate David Cruz Thayne speaks at PAAC meeting – The Foothill Dragon Press

Students filled World History and AP Government teacher Cherie Eulau’s classroom Thursday at lunch for a weekly PAAC, Political Action and Awareness Club, meeting. This meeting, however, featured Congressional candidate David Cruz Thayne who came to speak to students about why he chose to run for office. Thayne says he was brought up living the “American Dream.” His parents immigrated from South America, and then worked in factories in New Hampshire, a lifestyle that proved to be a struggle. O

Masked students celebrate end of year at prom (43 photos) – The Foothill Dragon Press

A sea of masked girls dressed in colorful dresses and young men in tuxes met the eye Saturday night at Foothill’s prom, themed “Masquerade Ball.” Most couples arrived for a dinner of pasta, chicken, vegetables, and an assortment of other foods at 6 p.m. Students sat beneath drapery and twinkling lights as they mingled and ate. “It’s really nice how they have all the tables and stuff, and then the dance part outside… because it’s going to get really hot and stuffy. And the view is really amazin

Ventura County community colleges face an ongoing budget crisis – The Foothill Dragon Press

Ventura Unified School District is not alone in its continuing budget crisis. Over the past three years, Ventura County community colleges have had to cut the number of classes offered, class sizes, and the number of hours the schools operate. Community colleges are funded by the government per each enrolled student, but only up to a certain amount. Once a school exceeds that amount, they receive no additional financial assistance. Over the past three years, Ventura County community colleges ha

Festival of Fools provides a “night of laughs” (8 photos, video) – The Foothill Dragon Press

Thunderous applause rang throughout Foothill’s Spirito Hall Friday night as the Speech and Debate team’s third annual Festival of Fools took place inside. Festival of Fools is a slightly more adult version of Merry Fest and it was “a night of laughs” as the team took the stage in skits. “This is our third year. Three years ago, April 1 fell on a Friday and it was the last day before Spring Break… I always do stand-up comedy in the spring as part of the speech class and we’re like, let’s get th

Mr. Foothill competition wows crowd (30 photos, video) – The Foothill Dragon Press

Foothill’s Spirito Hall was filled with people, laughs, and anticipation last night as students and staff waited for the second annual Mr. Foothill competition to begin. Mr. Foothill is a male pageant presented by the fresman class to raise money for events like Winter Formal. Foothill boys of all grades competed against each other in the categories of Wow! wear, formal wear, question and answer, and talent portions in hopes of being crowned “Mr. Foothill.” This year, junior Nate Rowley won wit

Biotechnology students learn on the open seas (28 photos) – The Foothill Dragon Press

Foothill seniors enrolled in the biotechnology class set out to sea Thursday and Friday afternoon to catch a particular variety of rockfish and further learn about the species and DNA Barcoding. The students were accompanied by science teacher Darcy Duffy as well as Ralph Imondi and Linda Santschi, two scientific directors from Coastal Marine Biolabs, and a dog named Copper. The day began when the seniors met at Ventura Sportfishing at the harbor, and spirits were high as everyone expected to

Cougars victorious in intense rivalry game (37 photos) – The Foothill Dragon Press

About 7,500 fans dressed in black, gold, blue, and white enveloped Ventura High School’s Larrabee Stadium Friday night during the annual rival football game between the Ventura Cougars and Buena Bulldogs. Ventura took home the trophy for the second year in a row, winning 20-6. The night began with chants and screams from both sides. During the first quarter, Ventura’s Conner Armstrong scored the first touchdown with 3 minutes left on the clock. Screams erupted from Ventura’s side while Buena’s